UYM_052 – Mimi Goss

A long, interesting interview today with Dr Mimi Goss, author of the book What Is Your One Sentence?  We talk about getting to the heart of your message, and then getting it across to one or more other people.

Special giveaway: leave a comment in the show notes (that’s this thing right here) on our website at .  Two commentors will be drawn at random on Saturday April 28th and will win inscribed copies of Mimi’s book!

61 min 57 sec

1 thought on “UYM_052 – Mimi Goss”

  1. This conversation was strong and enlightening education from end to end.

    Dr. Goss, your examples of synthesizing one’s message were on point, especially through representations from Dr. King, Esther Lauder, and John Kennedy. Synthesizing one’s message is exactly what’s required in today’s world, whether for business or personal clarification.

    Scott, your responses when Dr. Goss turned the spotlight on you made the entire discussion complete and absolutely worthwhile. Also, what you shared about Facebook’s post-news impact is one I believe to be true.

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