A Dental Setback

Copyright: geki / 123RF Stock Photo

For those of you running a solo shop, you know it’s tough keeping a schedule by yourself.  It’s even tougher when you have medical problems.  It’s darn hard to talk when you have dental problems!  Yup, that’s been me for the last several weeks.

I needed two root canals – one on the bottom right side of my jaw, and one on the left.  Had the right side taken care of in a snap.  The left side I actually have scheduled for next week.  Maybe.  Last Sunday, while I was waiting for my left-side procedure, my tooth got infected.  So now I look like a chipmunk with seeds stored in one cheek.

If the swelling is gone next Monday, they can do the procedure.  If not, it’ll have to wait.  Regardless, I’m back to recording episodes.  Today I did the interview which will run on Friday April 6th.  Now I just have to fill in the episodes before and after!

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