Podcast Equipment

Here’s my list, with links.  I purchased everything from Amazon for less than $200 during the summer of 2017.  Everything was brand new, except for the mic.

[amazon_link asins=’B01N0OWX1K,B00AK7SKL4,B001ANK484,B0002D0N7A,B00SUU4RLU,B00XFSWODA,B00XAVOW00′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’agilmarkserv-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

I also bought a couple of these inexpensive USB mics for the people who helped me by co-hosting.  Not the greatest, nor would I recommend them as the primary mic for a podcast, but certainly good enough.

[amazon_link asins=’B01MXL3EOU’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’agilmarkserv-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ab8993d4-bc13-11e7-a28a-7bc6c8055864′]

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